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 800 giftcode game Monster Warlord Mobile (150$)

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Join date : 25/10/2018

800 giftcode game Monster Warlord Mobile (150$) Empty
Bài gửiTiêu đề: 800 giftcode game Monster Warlord Mobile (150$)   800 giftcode game Monster Warlord Mobile (150$) EmptySun 10 Feb 2019 - 21:17

[size=12][size=13][size=12][b]Share giftcode Monster Warlord game , Trọn bộ full Giftcode Monster Warlord ,Code vip Monster Warlord miễn phí, Nhận code Monster Warlord Mobile Free [/size][/size]

Tại topic này mình xin gửi tặng các bạn 800 giftcode game Monster Warlord Mobile cực hot

800 giftcode game Monster Warlord Mobile (150$) RhdyCr95sdTVNgd2aqeuqAHmZAlwuAjg_Qzm9LqIOnx-aS44iLxMGsPOdPWe09l1teU=s180-rw

The best monster collecting battle game on mobile!

Collect hundreds of unique monsters and battle them in friendly competition!

"If you love collecting monsters and battling with them you'll love this game." (Gameteep)
"Some of the monsters (like my little tiger thing) are simply adorable." (148apps)

- Catch rare and mysterious monsters by questing and battling!
- Discover all 6 types - Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness and Holy!
- Each monster has its own special attributes and abilities- so the more the merrier!

- Combine two monsters to create a leaner, meaner, better one!
- With over 20 monster tiers, the possibilities are endless!
- Combine for a chance to receive a special Plus monster stronger than normal monsters and dominate the competition!

- Engage in epic World Boss battles and climb to the top of the rankings!
- Raid mysterious Dungeons and return with large rewards and powerful monsters!
- Compete in the Arena to see who is the top Warlord!
GiftCode gồm các quà nâng cấp vip và gói quà ngẫu nhiên tổng trị giá 3.000.000 VNĐ (150$)
Hy vọng giftcode này sẽ là món quà nhỏ tri ân đến tất cả các bạn đã đồng hành cùng Monster Warlord
Hãy đăng ký thành viên và trả lời bài viết bên dưới mình sẽ inbox code cho các bạn nhé !

[Register and comment to get code vip] 
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800 giftcode game Monster Warlord Mobile (150$)
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