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 Hack Description Elga free

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Hack Description Elga free   Hack Description Elga free EmptyTue Jan 15, 2019 10:43 am

Description Elga ( Elemental Guardians ):
[Game Features]
Real hardcore strategy RPG is here!!!

Hack Description Elga free 25b6 Strategic combat system based on real-time manipulation
– Manipulate party members in real time to avoid critical enemy skills.
– Consider the attributes of heroes and enemies and effectively defeat them.
– Identify boss weaknesses and utilize effective crowd control technology

Hack Description Elga free 25b6 A wide range of heroes and growth patterns that are full of individuality.
– Let’s collect and grow a variety of heroes with five different occupations.
– Let’s defeat the enemies and make the hero’s level better.
– Use unused heroes to reinforce them.
– Let’s use a redundant hero to evolve into a class hero.

Hack Description Elga free 25b6 The flower of hero growth! Equipment system
– Gather materials obtained as compensation for combat and [manufacture] powerful equipment.
– If you don’t like the equipment option, don’t be disappointed. We have[have] a re-run.
– Character-specific devices give a character’s skills more power.
– Make the strongest equipment by beating the powerful boss.
– Enjoy a 10 percent bonus each time for equipment-enhancing systems that guarantee 100 percent success.

Hack Description Elga free 25b6 Resource supply and hero reinforcement at once.
– Build a variety of production buildings in Laptel to produce various resources such as gold, Kanghwa-seok, and potions for experience value.
The mere building of a job brings up the abilities of each job! Let’s strengthen our preferred job.
– Upgrade City Hall to Build More Buildings!!
– From the construction menu, let’s combine various buildings to decorate your own unique town!

Hack Description Elga free 25b6 Fighting against strong bosses
– Strong enemies appear in the course of adventure
– Let’s have up to 5 users working together to defeat a strong enemy.
– Obtain boss…

Hack Description Elga free U9thsv_Q2PsIX6Fgat2Gm7htMDoQ4D_F50-07U100Dy18KXRK4FWzAZwk02ctxon-7a8=s180
Name: Elga ( Elemental Guardians )
Version: 1.2.1.k
Root needed: NO
Internet required: YES
Size: 85 MB
Mod Feature:
–  Mod Menu
–  1 Hit
–  God Mode
DOWNLOAD LINK: [Register member and comment to see link download !!!
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Hack Description Elga free
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